Bombina Cottages, Self-Contained Accommodation Cottages and Chalets, Denmark, Western Australia

Wellness Retreats

massageSessions available:

Massage: Generous, gentle yet deep with profound effects. Combining a light flowing massage with deep tissue work creates the most relaxing and healing experience.
Modalities: Relaxation Massage, Holistic Massage
Cost: $100 (for 75 min)

Relaxation Massage, generous, gentle yet deep with profound effects. Combining a light flowing massage with enough depth for you to feel it doing you truly good, this massage creates the most relaxing and healing experience.

Holistic Massage, tailored just to your needs, this massage relaxes the body, reaches the mind and helps you to learn to let go from the inside out.
We understand that it's not the muscles idea to be tight. Our muscles get their information from the brain, through the nervous system. The deepest relaxation happens when we work not just with the muscles but with the holistic system of our body/mind.

Foot massage:  Reflex points, which relate to all parts of the body, can be found in the feet. These points respond to pressure - by massaging the feet and stimulating these points we activate the body's own natural healing process. The body starts progressively clearing blockages, re-establishing energy flows and balancing itself, resulting in better health.
Cost: $80 (for 60minutes)


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"Thank you for the best massage I have ever had. Elsa really listens to your needs and pays special attention to the tiny details that makes for the most comforting, relaxing feeling ever. The extra mile Elsa goes to makes it a beautiful experience is way beyond the norm. Thanks so much, perfect birthday treat!!!! Jo"


Wellness Retreats at Bombina Cottages

Create your own Wellness Retreat for Body, Mind and Soul
Deeply relax, enhance and transform your life

We offer wellness retreats for body, mind and soul, individually tailored to your needs, your timing, just for you.
You can choose the time of the year that suits you best. Your retreat can be for 2 days only or up to four days. It can be simply pampering with relaxation massages, or it can have some meditation mixed in to deepen it's healing effect.
A time of healing & nourishing yourself ... or both of you, if you come with your partner or a friend.

Once you book your stay at Bombina Cottages, simply book a massage session per day to enhance and deepen your Relaxation, your Intention to make this a special time for Yourself.
Add a guided mediation session for a special treat.
Give it to yourself!


I will also be able to suggest walks, tours or other activities around Denmark that might be supportive for you.

You will be staying at the lovely Bombina Cottages in a peaceful and tranquil rural setting right by the Karri forest, with magnificent views of the blue waters of the Wilson Inlet.

Every day you will receive 1 individual session of your choice, and you will have plenty of time to relax, go for walks, have a swim or visit the beautiful surroundings of Denmark.  Extra sessions or meditations can be arranged.

Sessions available:

  • Massage (Relaxation Massage, Holistic Massage)
  • Foot Massage
  • Meditation (various approaches to Meditation make it possible to find the right Meditation for just about anyone!)

Before you book the dates for your retreat,

Please call me on 0417 986 294 to make sure I will be available for your sessions at the time you wish to come.


Once you have booked your accommodation (please click here to book) and you have booked 1 massage/meditation session per day you will receive a 10% discount on your sessions.
This discount does not apply to the accommodation.


The 10% discount only applies if you have arranged one session of either massage or meditation for each day of your stay.

Please note: The cottages are fully self-contained, and meals are not included.

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or call us on 0417 986 294


"The massage with Elsa was the highlight of my personal experience - you cannot leave Denmark without going to Elsa's place and having the best massage ever! Thank you Elsa! Francis"


"This massage has been the best one I've ever had, and I've had a lot! Elsa's touch was incredibly conscious and in tune with my body's needs. A truly beautiful experience and very healing. Corinne"


Bombina Cottages, Self-Contained Accommodation Cottages and Chalets, Denmark, Western Australia